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Contact Information

    Please check our Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us.

    Phone #: 347-834-5854 - Call or text Paul.

    Email: & - Please send emails to BOTH addresses. Unfortunately, due to spam filters and blockers, legitimate emails often end up in junk mail folders and sometimes are blocked completely so if you don't hear from us please call us, it's possible that we didn't receive your email or visa versa (it happens quite a lot). Always check your "junk mail" folder for our response. Emailing both of our addresses will increase the odds that we receive your email (you can use a comma to separate the 2 emails in the "To" line of your email program.) We respond to all legitimate emails!

    Custom Order Requests: We receive many custom order requests and always try to fulfill them. They sometimes require quite a bit of dialog and might necessitate that we special order butterflies / cases. Before orders are finalized they occasionally get lost, in the sense that one side might be waiting for an answer from the other side. What we're trying to say is that with custom orders please bug us! If you're serious about your custom order feel free to email us/ call us regularly as that will facilitate the process.

    Order Status: Click here to check your order status.

About Us

    Lead Artist and owner Paul Caparatta founded Butterfly Utopia in November 2001 in Long Island, NY. In 2003 we relocated to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In 2017 we moved to APEX, North Carolina. From the beginning it's been a constant evolution, we are always striving to provide the highest quality products while offering a wide variety of butterflies and framing options. New butterflies and displays are added regularly. All of the framed butterfly displays on our site are produced by Butterfly Utopia.

Gallery Guide:

Single Framed Real Butterflies

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Framed Real Butterflies

Multiple Framed Real Butterflies

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Bargain Framed Real Butterflies

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Butterfly Wing Art

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Butterfly Jewelry

Butterfly Jewelry

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Misc. Butterfly Items

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