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Framed Real Butterflies, Butterfly Art & Gifts

Welcome to Butterfly Utopia! Our butterfly displays allow you to preserve nature's beautiful art while helping to save the rainforest & butterfly species. All of our specimens are inspected by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and all of our butterfly frames are made by our Butterfly Utopia artists exclusively for sale on this website. Since 2001 we have offered the highest quality butterfly frames available and offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

A framed real butterfly or moth display makes the perfect gift for that special someone. Many different types of butterfly displays are available, we even allow you to custom build your own display using real exotic butterflies of your choice! We also carry butterfly jewelry made from real tropical butterflies, live butterfly raising kits and other butterfly themed products. Let Butterfly Utopia handle all your butterfly art needs! Use the Gallery Guide at the bottom (and usually left) of every page to shop our 13 gallery pages. Our framing options page offers detailed information and sample pictures of our different frame options and is a good place to start if you're new to our site. Follow us on Instagram: "butterfly_utopia".

IMPORTANT NOTE: Butterfly Utopia is in a two stage process of moving offices. Right now we are only shipping in stock items and for the most part can't manufacture new pieces for the next few months. This means that you should limit your purchases to "Prebuilt: Ready To Ship!" items. We do have a small number of pieces that aren't labeled "Prebuilt RTS" so if you see a piece you'd like you may contact us using the contact info below to determine whether it's possible. Sorry for the inconvenience! We are also working on a new website and hope to launch it after we move.

Gallery Guide:

Single Framed Real Butterflies

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Framed Real Butterflies

Multiple Framed Real Butterflies

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Bargain Framed Real Butterflies

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Butterfly Wing Art

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Butterfly Jewelry

Butterfly Jewelry

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Misc. Butterfly Items

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