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Butterfly Utopia Gift Certificates

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    GC DOWNLOAD LINK (Save the GC to your computer desktop and then open after you complete your order.)

    Gift certificates (GC) are available in $10 increments. If you want one $100 dollar GC, add a GC to your shopping cart and simply change the quantity in your cart to 10. If you want two $50 dollar GC's add 2 GC's to your cart and change the quantity to 5 each.

    There are 2 easy options. You can have us mail it to you via regular mail or you can download it and print it out yourself. If you don't have Microsoft Word we can come up with another alternative. Download the GC above, then place your order. After you place your order, open up the GC and fill in the dollar amount and unique GC code. The unique GC code is your order number.

    The recipient will redeem the GC by calling us toll free at 877-302-1902. If you purchase a GC by regular mail we recommend you have it delivered to yourself and then you deliver it to the recipient, this way the GC is not discarded as junk mail.

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